Friday, May 25, 2007

Sounds Like....

I left the office today, got in my car, put on my satellite radio and there it was, right in front of me, I was surrounded. I couldn’t escape the sound, the song that I pray I hear occasionally but the one that I didn’t want to hear today. I’m sure you all have moments like this, a remembrance of sorts. As for songs, its one of the non-material items that I’ll carry around like an accessory. Certain songs bring a smile to my face because I remember when and where they were playing and who I was with. I might have danced with someone to a song, might have been the night I gave a lap dance, it might have been my wedding song, or that silly Grease song I used to sing drunk out of my mind down the shore. It could be one of the songs my dad used to love, and how I know he’s there when they are on the air. Then there are the songs where I just want to pluck out the lyrics and speak them out loud and those for pure torture that I find soothing because I can cry my eyes out. But today was no ordinary day, I was trapped, surrounded by sound and no matter what channel I put on, the memory was there. Thank goodness for CD’s, at least I can control what I hear.

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