Friday, May 25, 2007

5/12 - Sex in the City Part 1

Italy would be my Paris and dark chocolate is my nicotine. I think in one way or another we all have our "Sex in the City" moments. We chat with our girlfriends about men, life, sex, love, and all the in between. We date/dated, winners, losers, the ones we let get away, the ones who broke our heart, the ones we fall hopelessly in love with and the ones that always come back for more. I can't deny that in some ways I'm Carrie, my fascination for writing these fun little blurbs about life, work and love. I don't write for a column, I write for pure enjoyment but I always leave the names of my subjects confidential. Mr. Big is intoxicating and we've all had/have one of those men in our lives. The emotionally unattainable who you give your heart to, who reciprocates love, then takes it back, until finally realizing what he's lost when she's unattainable and tries to win her back. He is a little more forward and trusting than most men, he tells you exactly what he wants in a relationship. He's honest, trusting and your best friend.

Love is a tough game and I hate to use the term "game" but its all about playing your cards right, betting high and not expecting anything. If you put your cards on the table, and strike it big, then you win the jackpot. If you fold early, you lose the jackpot to someone else. Having lost it all makes the chance of winning it back a 2nd time all the more important. I'm going all in…I'll let you know if I strike it big!

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