Tuesday, March 19, 2013

1 out of 3 Ain't Bad

The year was 2003, we gussied up and put on our best dresses and even our wedding gowns and walked down the aisle.  Today it’s the year 2013 and there is only 1 happy couple still standing out of the three weddings that I attended that year.  For me, it was right at the time, but now I’m happier than I ever have been.  We expect those we marry and those families we marry into to be in harmony, to allow us to grow together and respect us as husband and wife.  I expected things to change, to have more privacy, to not fear that an inlaw would forget to use the doorbell again and walk right in, even without knocking.  I expected certain things to change, certain levels of respect to appear and they didn’t.  Some things just can’t be fixed.  I’m not perfect, I had my flaws, I was in the wrong and there are other reasons why things just didn’t work out.  But today I can proudly say I did what was best for me, put that chapter behind me and am very happy in a chapter that is supposed to be.  

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