Thursday, November 15, 2012

I'm a Politicians Worst Nightmare

My voting strategy is a little odd, especially for selecting local candidates.  I do make sure to watch the debates, whether I watch them on the DVR or live is a different story.  I like to DVR them so I don’t miss anything or fall asleep during the live debates.  I also DVR any political ‘cliff notes’ on CNN, Fox News, etc. after the debates to get a birds eye view on what I may not have understood or missed during the debates.

Since I have been able to vote anyone that I vote for has not moved passed ‘ballot’ status. I do my best to research who is on the ballot for office and participate in taking an online quiz to see whose views are best closest to mine.  “2012 Presidential Candidates Quiz: Find Your Match” which is helpful if your candidate continues on to actually run in the election, but not always correct in my opinion.  That only applies to major elections, not the local polls, which I was sorely uninformed about if only for a few commercials on TV.  Had I known the hottie in the suit at my polling place was actually on the ballot, I would have stopped to listen to what he had to say to the group of seniors crowded around him.  Again, I was misinformed which sprouts an idea to have their pictures next to their names..hmm…maybe not.

I look at the ballot and then the strategy kicks in for those I do not know by the following criteria.  “Does the person’s last name end in a vowel?” If YES, then no need to proceed to “Does the person’s last name sound Italian?”  If I’ve answered “No” to those two then the tiebreaker is launched, which this year was the first year I’ve used this.  “Is the candidate a female?”  I can blame myself for not being informed on the local level, and also by not designating a party therefore I do not get political flyers in the mail, phone calls or emails from candidates.  I could have researched the ballot prior to leaving the house to vote, since none of those people had commercials on TV.  I will be writing to the County to ask if they do send out ballots prior to (Similar to how NJ does it) and note that they should have antibacterial wipes handy since the poll machines are ‘push’ button.  Two good things came out of this election, 3 out of the 7 people I voted for won by my ‘strategy’ and at least I can’t blame my township for how the rest of the state voted or the fact that we didn’t get “I Voted” stickers afterwards. 

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