Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Full Moon Coffee – a new taste of sleepyness

I’ve been up since 3:15 am, yes, AM.  After tossing and turning with no chance of falling back asleep I got out of bed at 4 am today and started my day (about 50 minutes earlier than usual).  One cup of coffee kick started this insomniacs day, and that’s my max for the day.  But today I had two cups, it just didn’t seem right not having coffee at 7 am with breakfast.  (I might be a little crazy to be wide awake at 4 am, but not that crazy to have breakfast too, I wasn’t even hungry.)  So I started my day by doing laundry, then continuing to wrap the Christmas presents, made the list of boxes and bags I needed to buy to finish and then logged on to work.  I watched emails come in from Europe at 5 am and thought that was way too early to respond.  It wasn’t, they’re used to me replying earlier, I guess they didn’t think any different today.

Now somehow I am still awake, 15 hours later, wide awake, not tired. I tried my hardest to tire myself out today, even by finishing the laundry by 8 am.  Ran 2 miles, did 25 minutes of P90X Shoulders and Arms, I cooked dinner, packed the ingredients for cookie weekend, watched True Grit (it was Ooh kay) and anything else that was collecting dust on my DVR.  As frustrated as I was (am still) I did some digging.  I usually cannot sleep when there is a full moon but that’s three days away and this is the 2nd time in 2 months I’ve been up for an extended period of time (and not on purpose).  Last time I blamed it on the pumpkin coffee I had at 5 pm on Thanksgiving, Target was lucky not to find me shopping in their store.  I tried so hard to tire myself out that day, I shopped till I dropped (2 bouts of Black Friday shopping) and a movie later, I was still awake. 

I haven’t had any coffee or caffeine since the two cups this morning, I ate normal today, nothing unusual, no chocolate snacks to keep me up and no sugar, at this rate I might as well just keep going, I’m sure I could find something else to do around here besides analyze why I am indeed still awake.  I could try the old fashioned remedies…drink warm milk, hot chamomile tea with honey, but instead I choose to write about it in the hopes that I’d find this as a subliminal way to count sheep.  Sad to say its not working, so around my usual bedtime tonight should I need some kickstart to finding my pillow comfortable again, I will rely on my sleeping pills to knock me out until my alarm goes off.  If that doesn’t work, then I’ll be back here feverishly typing another bedtime story.

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