Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving 2011 Inappropriate Terms and stuffing

Happy Thanksgiving 2011….and other terms said during dinner that could be inappropriate or just plain LOL
(this is not bedtime story reading material for children under 13)

·         There’s no spit bowl so I’m going to swallow anyway.
·         I don’t care how people do it, I’m going to eat it with my fingers
·         I know where to grab it though….
·         Leg-a-ful
·         Please pass the penis…I mean the Pinot
·         We are going to compare legs later
·         You’re not gonna eat it now, that’s ok, I’ve eaten worse
·         You have to go all the way up and then down, so it goes in.
·         Does it go backwards?
·         All you have to do is touch it
·         Slap it at the base and it will go down.
·         “Osbourne White”
·         This piece is bigger than I thought, I’ll take it nice and slow
·         That’s my problem, I gotta hold onto stuff
·         I like beef but I don’t want the whole cow.
·         Put it in your mouth
·         I got balls
·         Someone slipped me a piece of meat once
·         I had such a good time in the shower I smacked my own ass!

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