Friday, November 4, 2011

I have a story for you...Amadeus

Upon arriving at the establishment, I bellied up to the bar, ordered a cabernet and chicken quesadillas (healthy option at this place and a must order).  The patrons, though consumed with the events of 2 men stuck in a crane down the street insisted the ‘pork’ was better than the chicken.  I tried desperately not to read into that comment, especially looking at the size of these two.  The cabernet was good and it helped to block out “Mr. I have a story for you” the rest of the time I sat waiting for one of the Angels for the after party.   He would not shut up at all, as soon as the conversation ended with his friend, he had to fill the silence with something and it always started with “I have a story for you”.  I’m sure his friend endured the pain as a nice jesture, or vice versa since he looked a little like Amadeus. 

Thinking it was still safe to sit and enjoy my appetizer and glass of wine, I was soon interrupted by the “App” man.  “How many apps do you have?” was the comment….and yes, I lack on apps because I do not need to be connected 24/7 and I cherish my battery life.  I will say it was a nice distraction from “Mr. I have a story for you” nonsensical banter, (I guess this is the comment that replaces “Excuse me do you have the time/a cigarette?”)  while I waited for the other Angel to catch up on girl time and free martinis.

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