Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Candy Canes in Summer time – “I do”

I’m not sure what is with brides today and choosing the grooms attire for their wedding day (yes I said “THEIR”).   I’ve heard war stories from groomsmen that their friends, even their best friends make them wear the worst color combinations ever (even down to the socks).  Recently I came across someone’s wedding photos and I didn’t notice it at first until I saw the guys lined up by themselves (in those pre-wedding photos everyone takes prior to saying the “I dos”).  The men all decked out nicely in the standard black suit also had on a matching tie.  A tie that matched the brides bouquet.  Yes it was in stripes, so manly it was, but it was also fuscia pink with stripes or a highly noticeable candy cane hanging around their neck.  It’s quite amusing after you scroll thru their photos to see the faces of the groomsmen and how highly enthused they are, I’m sure they were happy to dispose of the attire after the wedding, returning their rentals in a timely manner to make sure they got their deposit back!  I felt sorry for the groom actually, he should have had some say in what he was wearing for the day (I feel worse knowing that his socks could have been pink as well).

Disclosure: I did not attend this wedding, I only saw photos and the bride and groom looked adorable (sans the pink tie).  The entire setting looked priceless and carefully thought out. 

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