Thursday, April 26, 2012

BYOPizza? Huh?

Amazing how easily one’s body language changes when they feel threatened.  Evenmoreso when something as innocent as a group of people standing in a circle talking can provoke it.  It wasn’t my fault  “Young Eddie Murphy” ended up standing next to me in the circle jerk.  I have my own man, I don’t need “Young Eddie Murphy” plus the guy needed to use a razor.  Strike one.
(Insert for your viewing pleasure a business casual bar/lounge setting) – now I ask you, would you have pizza delivered to your table at this semi-upscale bar/lounge?  Clearly not.  I am surprised management did not saying anything since business was being taken away from purchasing any type of food at their bar/lounge. Strike two.

Thankfully, having my wits about me I decided to stand and take in the sights and obvious people watching occurring at this bar/lounge while a band comparable to Hanson played Maroon Five and the latest Top 40 hits.  Had I not been standing, Rosanne Bar minus 50 lbs would have gotten clocked for taking up more than two seats in the booth.  I can’t recall the last time I sat down while a band played at a bar/lounge – unless it was an intimate setting!  At least the sights contributed a bad sweater contest and the girl wearing a prison skirt (glad I didn’t drink the water while I was there).

Since my chariot was going to turn into a pumpkin I left after Chucky Cheese made his 300 calorie slice appearance and before the balloon making clown arrived.  Sometimes going out and witnessing these idiocies is worth it.

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