Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Bad Hair Day for you might be a Good Hair Day for someone else

Today is a complete bad hair day! Not only is it humid in the office, and outside, but it’s the day after I had my hair straight and its just not cooperating. Straight hair ladies, don’t complain you want curly hair – trust me. I envy you, you can tie it back and not have crinkles in your hair, you can wear it all different ways. Curly hair gives you that “just out of bed”, “just had wild sex” look and makes the guys turn their heads and want to run their fingers through your hair, but the months from May to August with lots of humidity suck. I agree you can wake up in the morning, shower and just add mousse and go, but after it dries, fuhgetaboutit! Tie it back – tame the wild curls. You have no idea why I like it straight – other than certain people in my life preferring it over the curls, and my desire to occasionally go incognito. Straight hair is easier to manage, I don’t expect the men to understand at all. They have it easy and only need one side of the three compartment bathroom vanity, for their products (hair, shaving, honey spray >female speak for “cologne”<). Only bad thing about straightening my hair – when it rains it curls and I’ve wasted an hour of hard effort trying to be just like you.

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