Friday, April 8, 2011

What is Girls Night Out? (GNO for short)

“What goes on during a GNO? What do you girls do?” I’ve heard many questions about GNO from guys that I know, they are sooo curious about what goes on when they aren’t around, or just plain curious. I’m going to let you in on a few secrets….and I hope my gal pals will not shun me for this.

First off, GNO is for everyone (married, single, divorced, widowed, etc). It happens two or three times a year, maybe more at most. Our agenda is not to pick up guys, flirt with other men, potentially start fights and find the nearest male revue. Our agenda is to reconnect with our gal pals, to chat like Samantha, Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte did on their days at that restaurant. Yes, we’ll talk men, guys, sex, work, kids, gossip and we’ll probably talk about the girls who aren’t there as well. (I’m not gonna lie). Over a martini or two, a light beer or a glass of vino, we’ll laugh, talk, and blush over things we did, said and probably will say after the next round. Whether we’re at a bar for a few hours, a club to shake our money makers, or at someone’s house we’re still the girls and we’re still having fun. Yes, we might add a male revue like TFDU in there, but we’re also still sitting at that same table and laughing over drinks with our gals. Had it not been for our gal pals we probably would not have survived some of the things that have happened in our life and for that, its time to say “Thanks”. We remember that most of our good crazy times in the past happened with our gals, not with our guys (past/present). And no one is going to criticize you for hanging with your girlfriends for one night, if they do, then they should be stoned in a courtyard medieval style. Shame on them for forgetting who they really are! Some of us may have our dating life, married life and family but deep down inside you need time for yourself and a few hours away from that to reconnect with who you are. I think it’s sad that a group of guys can go to the American Legion on a weekly basis, smoke stogies and drink beer for a few hours and us ladies are frowned upon for spending a few hours away from home. Well, whatever guys, girls just want to have fun and I’m sure you can survive on take out for one night.

So GNO is not about an agenda (for those of you who think we’re just on the hunt)….its a celebration of our gals, and knowing that no matter what happens our gal pals are always there for us.

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