Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving 2013 Unfiltered

….and other terms during dinner that could be inappropriate
For the ‘rookies’ this is what is said at our dinner table, uncensored, no filter, and what could be or isn’t normal at other’s houses for Thanksgiving.  I bet you’ll look at that bird differently now J *May not be suitable for those under 17 and who may get offended easily.

  • Throw it clockwise
  • This is my first experience with it warm
  •    Yeah that’s tight
  •     It works
  •     You need some ruffage in your life
  • Get all your ho’s in check
  • I just don’t like things that explode in my mouth
  • Its all about the stuffing
  • Where’s the other leg?
  • There all so big
  • Just fork it
  • Stab it and grab it
  • Don’t worry my fingers are clean
  •     Thank god for you she has small fingers
  • One and done
  • It grabbed me by surprise
  • I’m a breastman but the leg was very good
  • Spin it around and pull something
  • It changed my life
  • It makes your yin yang
  • Why did you throw it out?
  •    No one eats the a$$
  •    Oh I eat a$$
  •    I eat a$$ too
  • Suck that bone dry
  • I tea bag everytime your moms here
  • You know what happens to a female on steroids?
  • We gotta move the cattle
  • Honey I need liquor
  • The booze has got me.
  • There’s nothing you can’t lick or suck off - Natalie

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