Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Not on My Roster

Every fall softball season I lose a player on Ball Busters, I do pick up a few but I have to search for them, scout them, hope that someone has a friend who can play. I usually post an ad on a local softball forum, I’ve had success there a few times for tournament players and filing a roster spot.  So when this guy by the name of “John” (yes I’ll use his first name or at least the name he gave me) emailed me and gave me his number to text him back, I turned it into an interview.  “Do you currently play?” “What position do you play?”  “Where do you bat in the lineup?”  He just so happened to have a game that night so I asked him to tell me his stats and we’d talk.  In a way I didn’t like his attitude over texting, and he sounded very young and immature.  He sounded like there was only an “I” in his team.

So he wouldn’t tell me if he went 3 for 4 or whatnot the next day but he was adamant about being on my team.  He was evasive.  This weekend he texted me wanting to know if he was part of the team or he’d make other plans.  Well the weekend got away from me and I knew I was waiting for other responses for feelers I placed so I got back to him 2 days later.  Which leads us to today another text message “Am I playing or you dint need me anymore?” Yes he misspelled ‘don’t’ aside from the tone I was turned off. I knew he would not be a good mix with the rest of my team.  Mostlikely someone would want to bash his head in given the attitude.  Now I tell him I need to make a decision by such and such a date and he wants a response ‘yes or no’ today. I then typed out nicely that I may already have too many people but that if a spot opens up I’d let him know.  Well didn’t that just open the marathon texting from the other end of the phone.  OMG, are you f-in kidding me? I thought to myself.  He really took it personal that I didn’t want his cocky self on my all-star team.  He then called me ‘cocky’ after I politely deleted the three messages he sent me and I replied, “Nice to meet you.  Good  luck in the rest of your season.” I see nothing short of cocky in that sentence, if anything I was politely sarcastic.  Wait for it….the kicker was he sent me a ‘selfie’ saying ‘Now you saw me, you wish you had me on your undefeated team.” Um, no guy I don’t.  We’re undefeated for a reason.   I’d hate to be the girl in a relationship with this guy. 

As I politely end this while its still fresh on my mind, I’m waiting for another barrage of texts which at this point I’ll post his # for everyone to RSVP to.  Check your attitude at the door – not on my roster!

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