Friday, October 22, 2010

Call - Text - or Email - or None of the Above

I’m not really sure I can even post I may offend too many people, but whatever.  You know who you are, if its you oh well.  I really thought that it was the water, the area, the alcohol, then again, maybe it wasn’t, maybe it was just the person.  But not everyone is like this, and it’s a total turn off.  I get a text message and because I don’t immediately respond within the first 10 minutes the phone rings, but they don’t leave a message, so an hour later they send another text message.  And I don’t respond because I am not near my phone, its not attached to my hip, I’m at work, I’m busy, I’m in the shower, whatever.  Then the phone rings again, same person and this time they leave a message.  Doesn’t this show signs of possessiveness!?  I don’t need that in my life..I have no one to answer to but myself.  Let’s rewind to the bad blind date guy from a few years ago that sent me hate mail because I didn’t return his call within an appropriate amount of time.  Yup, these two are drinking the same koolaid.  Hence they can have a threesome with this one, who sends an email and doesn’t give me a chance to respond and just writes me off in another email, and then once I do respond angrily, he then sends me a text message, where 20 minutes later he calls because I didn’t respond to his text and then gets my voicemail because yet again, I’m busy, I’m at work, I’m not near my phone.  HAHA

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