Friday, June 18, 2010


That’s exactly what the place is named for “Rookies”. You enter what looks like a sports bar, but the clientell is a bit off. Instead of dropping carloads of teenagers off at the movies on a Tuesday night, you’ll find them packed into a booth shoving the all you can eat wings for $10 into their mouths. All you can eat wings…does NOT include the boneless ones, by the way and that was not mentioned anywhere on the wing menu. Needless to say I was mighty disappointed, instead I ordered their chicken fajita. It was good, again, never enough flour tortillas to pack the food into just like all the other joints that serve fajitas, but I give them kudos for the child size portion of rice that came with it. However, as great as the company was, I just wanted to eat and leave after being surrounded by teenagers squeezing themselves into booths wearing next to nothing shorts on a body that needed a 3K run. Rookies is more a place that you’d find me at after a softball game, when its 90 degrees out, and we stink with sweat and all I want is a cold beer.

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