Friday, April 3, 2009

Bar Hopping Not the Standard Walk-A-Bout

Sitting fireside at a ski resort, and not actually ski-ing, random acts of kindness took place over wasabi tuna, and out of the norm beer munchies and above all typical evening out ending with people passed out in their own beds.
- Young waiters, really young waiters
- Old guys sitting at bar stools waiting for the bunny skiers
- Put a ‘hello my name is tag’ on the waitress so the guys can look at her boobies
- At next bar…we sat in high chairs for adults with cushions where super Mario served us pizza.
- ‘I have a big one’
- Shorty guys at 2nd bar stop, shorter than me and the ghosts can’t help that one
- Grandpa held grandma’s flower purse at the bar
- ZZ top band member was drinking at the bar with us
- ‘I’m totally wet”

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