Monday, March 2, 2009

Not CSI or Grey's

It’s not every day that I sit and actually take notes on key words in meetings at the office. But today, since the topic got stonewalled and veered off course I decided to jot some things down. It doesn’t quite beat the normal people watching scenarios I write about, but it sure adds a bit of ‘funny’ to your every day professional business lingo. You have to imagine using these terms in a typical sentence during a conference call with other higher-ups and not a typical episode of CSI or Grey’s Anatomy:
- You have to circle back around on that one
- I (insert someone elses opinion here) that (insert 3 big words) and (add a clever catch phrase)
- Maybe I’m well out of school on this but…
- It’s a behemoth……you have to extrapolate that, and once it penetrates you hit the motherload
- They have situational amnesia
- That’s what I call an administrative irritant
- …that work intimately with that department
- Let them find the body
- Let them puke on it for a while
- That may be too deep in the weeds…
- …throw up on me on that one

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