Thursday, August 30, 2007

Signs You Have A Stalker

10 Signs that you have a Stalker – not in any particular order
1) He thinks you are stupid – he has a girlfriend
2) He knows what time you leave work – follows you to your car and makes it seem as if he’s just out for a walk because its cold inside.
3) Tells you outright that “You’re hotter than my girlfriend”, “those pants you had on the other day, wow, they really hugged you’re a$$”.
4) Thinks its “perfect timing” that you’ve actually given him the time of day and he’s been fighting with his gf (oh, did I mention he lives with her too?)
5) Inadvertently invites himself over to your place – even if he doesn’t know where you live
6) Sends an email to you for your extension because he wants to ask you a computer program question even though you aren’t an admin anymore and he’s too lazy to look at the phone list
7) Persistently asks to hang out even though you’ve already said “No”, still wants a few minutes of your time
8) Walks by your cubicle when he has no business to – its not where he sits, he doesn’t work with anyone in the area and it happens more than 3x a day. Wanna see my log?
9) Apparently when you say you are “seeing someone” it doesn’t phase him.
10) Parks his car behind yours or next to it – it’s a “closeness” factor to him.
11) He won’t take “no” for an answer – doesn’t get it that if you say you “have a date” that you really want to go on this date and not hang with him!
12) Borrows someone’s cell phone to get your phone number so he can secretly send you text messages from a “secret admirer”.
13) He buys you a puppy.

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